Reclaimed Wood Herby Hanger

img_0012This little shelf is made from a pallet slice – very easy to get your hands on!

How to Make a Herby Hanger from a Reclaimed Pallet



This sizeable herb/chorizo hook was simple and fun to make.  First, as always, sand the wood thoroughly.  Remember to wear gloves or you’ll end up with a big splinter down your nail as I did with this one!

Then treat the wood with an antibacterial solution – a good wipe with a damp cloth and antibacterial fluid should be enough.

Once the wood is dry, smooth and clean, decide on what kind of finish you would like it to have.  I used a dark oak stain for this one, but if I had this piece again, I might simply have buffed it with pure beeswax for a more natural look.

img_0018The stain shouldn’t take long to dry.  Touch a part of it that won’t look bad if you leave a great big fingerprint on it!  Once you’re able to lift it up, decide on what you would like to use as hooks.  (Probably better to do this beforehand, but sometimes you don’t know until a piece is ready.  You can use simple brass screw hooks used for hanging cups, or something more elaborate like door knobs as I’ve used here.

The last thing to do is to find a way of hanging your lovely new creation.  Depending on the wood and the items you’re like to hang on it, you will need to use a hook which is appropriate for the weight.  There are many types of hooks, but I usually use double D-rings or sawtooth hangers.

There you have it!  A simple but beautiful shelf and hook for your kitchen herbs/cured sausages and a traditional French Bistro look!





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