How to Tell it’s Handmade…

Handmade items are so popular nowadays that they are now mass produced in factories! If your craft items can be found in shops where there is a mixture of handmade and mass produced items, how do you make sure that customers know these souless commercial items from your own lovingly created gems? Often its the finishing touches which make a piece stand out. Here are some tips to ensure customers know the value of what they are buying when one of your items catch their eye…

Create handmade Tags

Handmade tags can tell a customers so much more than price, so use the opportunity to sell yourself.  A little handwritten tag with some info about the artist on the back, and where appropriate, ingredient/content source – and naturally, that it is handmade.  Tags don’t have to be small either; they can be the selling point which shouts out handmade, so make it noticed! If you’re struggling to get all the info on one tag, have an additional tag which just says ‘handmade’ to make sure the message is received.

Use a signature
A signature or other personal symbol helps to promote your brand and gives a product a hand-made feel. Each signature is slightly different an helps to create that sense of authenticity.  It also helps to get your name out.  If your signature is an indecipherable scrawl, be sure to have your name in print font beneath so that people can look up your website/facebook etc.

Make each item a little different

If you are making a lot of the same kind of item, add a little variation wherever you can.  This also gives the customer the additional element of choice – something you don’t have when standing in front of a set of identical mass produced products.  Think of the time you’ve spent in front of a crafter’s stall thinking ‘I like this one, but this one’s a little cuter/brighter/different’.

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