Finding Good Things to Upcycle


There are many places you can find interesting items to upcycle and the great thing is that you needn’t travel far to find unusual objects.  Here is my top ten on finding great little finds for your upcycling projects.

  1. Friends, family and neighbours.  I have received some lovely items from people who have been clearing out their garages and kitchen drawers.
  2. Freecycle and other recycling sites
  3. Restoration yards.  You will often find old doorknobs, hooks and other metal items, removed when doors and furniture has been stripped or tipped.
  4. Refuse areas.  Your local tip will often have a dedicated area for wood
  5. Ebay.  Search for ‘metal’, ‘odds and ends’ and ‘door knobs’ job lots.
  6. Check your own ‘I’ll put this here until I can remember what it’s for’ drawer.  If you haven’t worked it out in 3 months, find another use!
  7. Charity shops and Antique stores in small towns and villages.
  8. Delivery/supply companies.  Companies often have to pay for pallet removal and will be grateful if you take some pallets away.  Ask first though!
  9. Car Boot Sales.  These can be an amazing source of unusual bits and bobs which you will usually get for a very little.
  10. Be observant wherever you are.  I find driftwood and porcelain at beaches and cups and jars in charity shops wherever I go.




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