Jammie Coo Woodworks is based on the Isle of Bute on the West Coast of Scotland by Susan Grasekamp, a local artist who has been painting and exhibiting across Scotland for 20 years.  (See artworks)

All upcycled woodworks are carefully selected and re-designed in a way that suits the character of the piece, using a range of serendipitous items to form unique and interesting, functional pieces.


Pyrography Art

We offer bespoke pieces with a nautical theme.  Wooden pieces are designed using pyrography – a method which uses heat to burn the design into the surface of the wood.


Upcycled and Quirky

Our coathooks and shelves make a bold statement on any wall, created as they are, from a collection of unusual items from antique cutlery to bolts and knobs.

Personalised Gifts

We also offer a personalisation service with a range of blank template pieces, for that little special gift.  Your message is hand-drawn and the item comes with a note stating that it is hand-finished.